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Website performance optimization — the right way

Website performance optimization — the right way

Stay ahead of your rivals
Up to 4X better page load speed!

Starting from $500

Slow website is stealing your money!

Increased page load speed leads to growing user satisfaction and engagement. For example, Shopzilla.com boosted conversion by 7-12% just using site speed optimization! The same results report Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Etsy.

Faster site — better SEO potential

Site speed is one of the leading technical factors in search engine ranking. Another critical ranking factor is user behavior that's totaly dependent on site performance.

Performance optimization in Method Lab

Video above shows results of site speed optimization. Left — before, right — after optimization.

Perfomance optimization plans

MySQL, Nginx, Apache tuning+++
Client-side optimization (images)+++
Client-side optimization (JS, CSS)+++
Deep CSS optimization+
JS-frameworks upgrade+
Web fonts optimization++
HTML markup optimization+
Google Pagespeed rating boost+++
Increased indexing performance (SEO)+++
Support duration7 days14 days30 days
Website hosting transfer++
Client's developers consultation++
Seperate working copy++

Method Lab performance technology

Extreme JS и CSS compression: concatenation, minification and Zopfli compression
Image compressor: best in class JPEG and PNG - Mozilla JPEG, JPEGOptim, OptiPNG, ZopfliPNG
Client and server side Nginx cache
Critical rendering path optimization
Web fonts optimization
Reducing clientside SPOFs
Adaptive mobile-friendly images
Brand new HTTP/2 protocol based on secure and fast TLS
Linux TCP/IP tuning
MySQL performance profiling and tuning
Apache and PHP tuning
Site hosting consultation
more than 50 sites
Performance experience
5 years
Already optimized

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