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Linux system administration

Linux system administration

Profession web-server administration

Starting from $100

Professional maintenance — the key to high availability and performance

We provide you 12-year expertise of system administration of web-servers, database management systems and Linux.

Our favotite task — performance optimizaton of web services.

We're here to help you with everyday system admin tasks.

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System administration prices

Plan Basic Premium
Total hours included 4 7
Response time up to 3 working days less than 1 working day
Server monitoring + +
Remote backup (storage limit) 10 GB 50 GB
Performance optimization +
Price, billed monthly $100 $150

Typical system admnistaration tasks

IncludedLAMP installation: Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP etc.
IncludedSphinx search engine
SetupWeb-server tuning
Performance bottleneck trobleshooting
Malware and rootkit cleanup
Backup system setup
МониторингSystem monitoring setup
ВключеноHigh availibility solutions
ЗащитаDDoS protection setup
More than
300 projects completed
12 years of
Топ-10E-commerce developer
in Russia

Our customers

Федеральный Центр СПИД In da RnB Канагава Kaspersky Lab Мечты Данаи FotoCocktail MSM Locks Ниагарра ОМК Французский Интерьер СК Открытие Парфюмерофф Picoletto ОКЮР ItEL Российский Союз Ветеранов Афганистана Спецмонтаж Specta Zenden Total Race

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