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Linux system administration

Linux system administration

Profession web-server administration

Starting from $100

Professional maintenance — the key to high availability and performance

We provide you 12-year expertise of system administration of web-servers, database management systems and Linux.

Our favotite task — performance optimizaton of web services.

We're here to help you with everyday system admin tasks.


System administration prices

Total hours included47
Response timeup to 3 working daysless than 1 working day
Server monitoring++
Remote backup (storage limit)10 GB50 GB
Performance optimization+
Price, billed monthly$100$150

Typical system admnistaration tasks

IncludedLAMP installation: Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP etc.
IncludedSphinx search engine
SetupWeb-server tuning
Performance bottleneck trobleshooting
Malware and rootkit cleanup
Backup system setup
МониторингSystem monitoring setup
ВключеноHigh availibility solutions
ЗащитаDDoS protection setup
More than
300 projects completed
12 years of
Топ-10E-commerce developer
in Russia

Our customers

Федеральный Центр СПИДIn da RnBКанагаваKaspersky LabМечты ДанаиFotoCocktailMSM LocksНиагарраОМКФранцузский ИнтерьерСК ОткрытиеПарфюмероффPicolettoОКЮРItELРоссийский Союз Ветеранов АфганистанаСпецмонтажSpectaZendenTotal Race

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